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Digital Smart Labels

Dana’s Digital Smart Labels allow retailers to improve workflows and reimagine consumer experience at the shelf. Dana Digital Shelf Labels are available in various shapes and sizes. Affordable lease-to-own options available for the customer.

Features & Benefits:


  • E-paper technology
  • High visibility in daylight
  • Radio frequency transmission
  • Open source software
  • Store Integration
  • Bidirectional stations
  • NFC configuration
  • Ultra low power
  • High resolution
  • Long battery life

Our competitive advantage includes:



Digital labels provide consistent pricing from web to shelf and a positive showrooming experience.

b3lineicon|b3icon-pencil-ruler||Pencil Ruler

Operational Efficiency

Cut labour costs and improve operational efficiency by utilizing real-time price changes.

b3lineicon|b3icon-bulb-electricity||Bulb Electricity

Dynamic Marketing

Enables personalized promotional activities, helps to increase brand engagement and overall customer satisfaction.

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