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Dana Industries To Launch Groundbreaking Antimicrobial Technology

October 2020

Dana Industries is excited to announce the current development of our latest innovation: Dana Bio Ink & Coating Technology™, a new, best-in-class antimicrobial protection for shelf talkers and other shelf signage.


The Problem We Solve

August 2019

Shelf Talkers are an effective way to attract and communicate with customers in-store as they are wandering department aisles. Having shelf talkers with messaging that you use on your website or flyers will help your customers recall your brand when they hear the specific term or phrase.


Signs of the Times

June 2019

Signs are everywhere. You see them on streets. You see them on doors. And most importantly, you see them in stores. Its no secret that people recognize messages. We are visual beings that react to signs. A sign can educate your customer, alert a customer, and/or impact their day with a simple message.


Perfect Pairings

May 2019

Like peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese, and Batman and Robin, perfect pairings combine together to offer an even better product or duo. A well-balanced pairing can elevate something good to something spectacular. Take Dana’s product line for example. Combine our static Shelf Talkers with our Digital Smart Labels at the shelf and see the magic happen.


Trying to SPRING your brand forward?

April 2019

After a long Winter, we’re all ready to welcome in Spring with open arms. To many, Spring is a season for transformations. Here at Dana, we make it our mission to refresh and renew store environments. Breathe new life into your retail atmosphere with our innovative products.


Dare to be Different

March 2019

Being unique and different always seemed to be the ‘cool’ thing to do in school. You were seen as the mysterious one, the creative one, and the one that broke all the ‘rules’. So why aren’t you doing this with your stores? Why be like every other retailer and carry out the same marketing strategy and merchandising goals? Being different not only sets you apart from your competitors, but it also could elevates your brand to the next level.


Sales Signs are Red, New Signs are Blue...

February 2019

What’s in a colour? Do colours really evoke emotion? Is there a reason why Valentine’s Day is marketed as red? Short answer, YES! Our shelf talkers help market your brand in the most colourful way. There is a science to why all sales signs are red. Red sales signs are used to grab customers’ attentions and cue them to take action by making a purchase. Not convinced yet? Let’s take a look at some examples.


The Bold & the Beautiful

January 2019

When you want to stand out in a crowd, large format printing is the way to go. Indoors or outdoors, temporary or long-term, we have a wide variety of large format printing services that are sure to help you communicate your brand’s message at retail level.


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