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Dana Floor Merchandisers

Dana Floor Merchandisers get your product noticed on the sales floor. Customizable to any shape or size, and with our Vulcanized Inks™, these units make your artwork POP! You benefit two ways: Increased sales and a better in-store customer experience.

Dana Floor Merchandisers offer several additional advantages:

  • Quick turnaround times (on prototypes as well)
  • Compact packaging for shipping—reduces delivery cost
  • Lightweight material, yet sturdy enough for heavy products
  • 100% recyclable
  • Low energy cost—reduce steps for production (printing, cutting, packing)
  • Waterproof feature ensures unique outdoor durability; moisture and UV resistant
  • Easy assembly—no additional accessories/tools required
  • Long lasting durable printing using our Vulcanized Inks™
  • High image quality—full coverage with special finishing

Did you know?
We also manufacture Dana Floor Merchandisers with refrigeration! Our refrigerated displays ensure your products always stay cool for your customers.

Taking it to the next level!

What is more impressive to customers than a beautifully designed POP display? A POP display that talks to them! When you combine our Floor Merchandisers with Dana beacon technology, you create an interactive display that communicates with your customers’ smartphones.

Here’s how it works:
When a customer is near a product on display, the beacon can “ping” the customer’s phone. The customer is then notified of the product on display, offered a coupon, or engaged with a video sales presentation or brand story. The opportunities to drive sales are virtually limitless.

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