Company Culture


To EMPOWER our team so that we exceed our customers’ expectations & help them INSPIRE their customers.

Dana’s 3 Core Company Values

Inspire · Excellence · Innovation


Behaviours include: Inspire Confidence & Be Honest and Direct

“Danavators do not work just for their pay but also for their ability to achieve something they find inspiring. We empower each other and work for the greater good. Being honest and direct with each other allows for an open conversation, which is integral to the transformation of a company.”

-Roopjot Derose, Culture Committee Member



Behaviours include: Execute to Succeed & Collaborate

“I believe that excellence starts off within the company. From there, Danavators use these values & behaviours to collaborate with our customers. Our drive and passion gives us the ability to execute projects on time and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

– Jonathon Ricci, Culture Committee Member



Behaviours include: Think Big & Question the Status Quo

“Innovation is vital to our business. Being a leader and innovator in the shelf signage industry, allows for a better connection to developing markets, which can lead to bigger opportunities. Our Danavators are confident enough to question the status quo and think outside of the box. We step outside our comfort zones everyday and that’s where the magic happens.”

– Katherine McGregor, Culture Committee Member

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