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Introducing Clipless Blades by Dana Industries

Sustainable blades in any shape or size, which are easy to execute at store level, require no hardware, cost effective and will save you money on labour. Retailers use shelf blades to attract customers own the aisle. Brands use shelf blades to promote their products on the shelf. Contact us to find out how clipless blades can redefine your in-store experience.

Custom Shelf Talkers & Sign Holders

Shelf Talkers are small signs that attach to a retail shelf ledge. They are most commonly utilized with data strips, but can be implemented without them.

Product Packaging

Dana Industries offers a full range of custom retail product packaging solutions. Contact us for more information on how we can help bring your marketing objectives to life on shelf.

Large Format Printing

Welcome to the future of large format printing. The possibilities are endless. So you create a larger than life impression.  And your customers always get the picture.

Dana Floor Merchandisers

Dana Floor Merchandisers get your product noticed on the sales floor. Customizable to any shape or size, and with our Vulcanized Inks™, these units make your artwork POP! 

Retail Store Fixtures & Displays

We understand that every retail environment is unique. Which is why we custom design store fixtures and displays that always stay true to your style. 

Digital Signage & Consumer Engagement

Digital Smart Labels allow retailers to improve workflows and reimagine the consumer experience. Available in various shapes and sizes. 

Data Strips & Hardware Accessories

No matter what your retail style, Dana offers a variety of data strips and hardware accessories designed to create organized, clean look all the way down the aisle. 

Shopping Carts, Trolleys & Baskets

Our shopping carts, trolleys, and baskets come in a wide variety of styles and colours. We can match any design and have the expertise to deliver products tailored to you.

iMotion animated shelf talkers

iMotion Animated Displays™ draw attention to the shelf. These revolutionary shelf signs use e-paper and do not require power (long battery life). Available in custom shapes and sizes.

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