Dana Industries custom designs store fixtures and displays that always stay true to your style.


Improve the overall appearance of your retail store shelves with merchandising Pushers from Dana Industries.


Dana metal and plastic shopping carts, trolleys, and baskets are available in a wide variety of styles and colours. We can match any design and have the experience and expertise to deliver products tailored to any type of retail environment.


Protect your price tags, info slips, and promotional materials with Dana Industries’ heat-sealed vinyl pouches.

Large Format Printing

Promote products. Engage customers. Enhance store appeal. These days you’ve got to do it all, and Dana Large Format Printing helps you take it all to the next level.

Data Strips

No matter what your retail style, Dana offers a variety of data strips and hardware accessories designed to create organized, clean look all the way down the aisle. These products offer features that meet the highest expectations of your customers.


Wobblers and Danglers are shelf signs that hang over the side of a retail shelf. These custom designed shelf signs are typically made to fit into a data strip.

Re-Positional In-Store Signage

Attach your in-store signage without any hardware, and move it to another location without leaving residue. Save time and money with Re-Positional In-Store Signage.

The Claw™ & Clipless Blade™

Sustainable shelf signs in any shape or size, which are easy to execute at store level, require no hardware, are cost-effective and will save you money on labour.

Shelf Talkers

Shelf Talkers are small signs that attach to a retail shelf ledge. They are most commonly utilized with data strips, but can be implemented without them. Shelf Talkers are an effective way to attract and communicate with customers in-store as they are wandering department aisles.

We strive to excel in providing total retail solutions from design, to manufacturing, to in-store implementation worldwide for our ranges of metal, wood and plastic components. We offer a vast range of shelving, peg hooks, goosenecks, data strips, and clips.  We also offer installation services as well. Retailer benefits include consistency in approach and execution, stores look clean, reduction in overhead expenses, and we deal with merchandising issues immediately.

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