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Dana Shelf Talker™ and Description

Products Description
Shelf Talker by Dana Dana Shelf Talker™

Shelf Talkers are small signs that attach to a retail shelf ledge. They are most commonly utilized with data strips, but can be implemented without them. Shelf Talkers are an effective way to attract and communicate with customer’s in-store as they are wandering department aisles.

Limited Time Round Wobbler Shelf Signage

Danglers and Wobblers are shelf signs that hang over the side of a retail shelf. These custom designed shelf signs are typically made to fit into a data strip

Clear Product Packaging Product Packaging

These clear display boxes not only fold completely flat for storage or easy handling, they elegantly display your product or item of choice as it was meant to be. Many times consumers find that products are never as they appear to be on the outside of the box. Clear packaging solves that problem, and properly showcases the quality and workmanship of the item you are displaying.

Recyclable Products Green Products

At Dana, we are committed to doing our part to bring you the best environmentally friendly products available in the world. In our own manufacturing facilities, we make every effort to eliminate unnecessary packaging materials. 100% of our waste cardboard, paper, metal and PVC plastic are recycled weekly.

Data Strips and Clips Data Strips & Clips

Data strips, also known as ticket moldings, are perfect compliments to our Shelf Talkers. We carry different styles, colours, and sizes for all different types of shelves.

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