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Dana Industries is proud to introduce Dana Total Retail Solutions™. We are a full service provider and have full in-house capabilities. We are manufacturers and marketers of shelf signage programs and store fixture components. We go from concept, to design, to prototyping, to full conversion and in-store execution. We are a one-stop shop for all your retail needs.

Shelf Talker

Shelf Signage

Shelf Talkers are small signs that attach to a retail shelf ledge. The shelf talker is an effective way to attract and communicate with customers in-store as they are wandering department aisles.

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electronic shelf labels

Dana Digital Solutions™

Our smart marketing & digital technologies integrate well with our shelf signage products, to engage customers in store while helping retailers increase their sales, promote brand awareness, & maximize the value of a product’s space on the shelf.

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Shopping Carts

We offer a wide range of metal & plastic shopping carts & baskets. We can customize your shopping carts & baskets & can manufacture them to fit the needs of your stores. We are committed to manufacturing high quality carts/baskets that are safe for consumers.

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