Total Retail Solutions

Our best selling products

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Shelf Signage

Dana Industries are the leaders in Shelf Talker development


Large Format Printing

Any size and on any substrate—the possibilities are endless.


Metal Shelving & Store Fixtures

Every retail environment is unique. We custom design store fixtures and displays that stay true to your style.

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Digital Signage & Consumer Engagement

You need to engage customers and boost productivity. Our digital products tick all these boxes – and then some.

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Data Strips & Hardware Accessories

Dana offers a variety of data strips and hardware accessories designed to create an organized, clean look.


Shopping Carts, Trolleys, & Baskets

Dana metal and plastic shopping carts, trolleys, and baskets are available in a wide variety of styles and colours.


Brand Awareness

We are committed to helping you meet today’s retail challenges through traditional and digital signage that creates greater brand awareness, recall, and sales.


Engineering & Quality

When it comes to product engineering and quality, “the world’s best” is the only standard we deem acceptable.


Industry Leaders

We must always lead our industry in delivering the benefits our clients value most: increased sales, reduced overhead, a smaller environmental footprint, and greater employee efficiency.


Creating Retail Experiences

We are passionate about creating new and unbelievable shopping experiences through the development and delivery of innovation to the retail world.

Total Retail Solutions

Dana Industries is a full-service provider of total retail solutions. Since our 1993 launch, we have established industry leadership in shelf signage and store fixtures. Today, clients all over the world trust Dana as a one-stop solution—from concept, to design, to prototyping, to full conversion and in-store execution.

As we enter our second quarter century, we are at the forefront of delivering retail innovation. Innovation designed to meet the very real challenges retailers face. Innovation has proven to move products from the shelf to the shopping cart. Innovation driving the evolution of the retail shopping experience.

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Client Testimonials

“Dana Industries has incredible turnaround times, outstanding service, fair pricing, and incomparable quality.”

“What makes Dana Industries unique is their commitment to excellence. We have received nothing but great products and exceptional service from Dana Industries. Their passion and devotion for what they do are undeniable. Sobey’s is proud to have Dana Industries as our supplier.”

“Bacardi has been using Dana Industries for the past 18 Years, during which time they have provided us with quality products and excellent service. Dana Industries is a quality supplier, reasonably priced with special attention to detail and excellent support. I can confidently recommend Dana Industries as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.”

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