iQDanalytics™ is an analytic and marketing service based on unique user identification

Marketing Intelligence

iQDanalytics™ is an analytic and marketing service based on unique user identification. It integrates the consumer’s offline behaviour with the use of mobile devices through apps and mobile web.

iQDanalytics™ offers a unique cross-media solution (offline + web + app) which enables interaction through in-store push notifications, WhatsApp, and emails, measuring the campaign’s effectiveness and conversion at the point of sale (offline).

Marketing Intelligence iQDanalytics™ - How It Works

How it Works

  1. Identifying Visitors– The Dana nodes use wireless technology- Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular Network, to detect mobile devices at long range, assigning an anonymous unique identifier (without relation to any data belonging to the phone or the person).
  2. Big Data– On our cloud platform, we collect real-time data on the detected devices and their use, both when customers visit the store & when they visit online channels.
  3. Analyzing Profiles– Our scalable architecture analyzes behavioural profiles & allows data to be classified, exported to the CRM, etc.
  4. Reports & Insights– Through a web dashboard, or through integration with other platforms, we offer access to comprehensive reporting & discovery of new data & valuable business relations.
  5. WhatsApp, App-Push, & Email Optimized Campaign Management– An automated system communicates with visitors via mobile in real time, sending messages authorized by the customer in those situations that represent the best conversion & relevancy for him/her.

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