Dana’s dynamic Electronic Shelf Labels (hereafter referred to as ESL’s) enable easy and quick price updating from a central location. Our ESL’s are available in different colours, E-paper or LCD screens, and customized sizes.

Features and Benefits

  • Enables immediate price reaction- save time/ labor with automatic price updates.
  • Real-time pricing, with quick store updating.
  • Implement ‘Happy Hour’, demand-based price changes, or seasonal/promotional/strategic pricing—which is difficult (or impossible) to implement with traditional price labels.
  • Improves customer loyalty with reliable pricing—no price errors (faster checkout lines).
  • Reduces loss from unpriced goods.
  • Reduces operating costs- more cost-efficient than paper.
  • Launch marketing campaigns at any time.
  • Answer stock questions on the spot (stock status on hand).
  • Modern, seamless technological integration with stores’ environment.

The Advantages of Electronic Shelf Labels

  • Software is developed by our own team of experts. It monitors price updates (including errors & battery levels).
  • Best & high-quality e-paper display (supersedes other models on the market).
  • Energy-efficient (battery life- 5 years, with 2 changes a day).
  • Customize Dana ESL with your logo.
  • Wide angle view- read from every angle.
  • Quick updating using 2.4Ghz dual-channel BLE.
  • Seamless installation & integration into retailer’s system.

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