At Dana we make all your solutions affordable, and doable, ensuring that you have the best quality and best service. Dana’s mission is to offer promotional solutions to meet the needs in varying ways. Each requiring a reasonably comprehensive understanding of your company and its current focus on internal and external polices and how promotional products are bring used to address those needs.

Turn Key Solutions

Dana Industries Inc. provides retailers two turn-key business solutions:

  1. New store builds/renovation installs
  2. Replenishment Installs

The install process includes three key steps:

  1. Assessment: We work together to conduct a complete review of your layout.
  2. Recommendation: We specify the product mix that you need to achieve results: extrusion, shelf signage, merchandising tools, etc.
  3. Installation: We install extrusions, shelf talkers, and other POP items into your stores.

We also go into your stores and change out your pricing weekly (or as need be), ensure all fixtures are intact, and provide exit reports that are pulled together and passed onto the Operations Lead.

You benefit from consistency in approach and execution,a uniform, clean look, reduction in overhead expenses, and immediate resolution of any merchandising issues.

Shelf Makeovers

For over 25 years, Dana has been a leader in shelf signage products and retail packaging solutions. Our success derives from one factor above and beyond all others: Dana product displays drive sales, promote brand awareness, and maximize the value of a product’s space on the shelf.

Still not convinced? Let us prove it to you!

Dana is excited to provide qualified retailers and brands with FREE in-store shelf makeovers. Yes, we’re serious. We want you to experience first-hand the bottom line benefits of having the world’s best engineered shelf talkers right in your store.

Contact us today to see if you qualify!

Design and Packaging

In the retail environment, products need to be seen to be sold. Which is why we have always placed such a strong emphasis on communicating through visual presentation. Part of our expertise is the ability to bring your design vision to life. From initial concept to outstanding signage to rapid turnaround, Dana does it all.

In-house Design

Your customer experience with Dana includes full access to industry-leading creative and marketing capabilities. We will work directly with you to provide high quality, accurate proofs and ensure deadlines are always met.

Retail Signage Design Department
large format printing by Dana

The Consultation

At Dana Industries Inc., we understand that your success is our success. Which is why we invite you to take full advantage of our consulting expertise. As both manufacturers and marketers of shelf signage, we bring a deep understanding of today’s retail challenges.

We have decades of experience in retail signage, packaging and print production. Experience that makes Dana the perfect partner to help you maximize any retail opportunity—no matter how large or small.

Our sales, marketing and design teams stand ready and able to provide you with a cost-efficient solution. And while a Dana solution won’t break your budget, it just may shatter your sales projections.

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