You need to engage customers, boost productivity and reduce overhead. Dana digital products tick all these boxes – and then some.

  • Dana leads the industry in retail digital technology development and deployment.
  • Products include DSLs and iMotion.
  • Augmented reality shopping experiences appeal to today’s digital-savvy customers.
  • Dana digital products reduce costs and enhance employee efficiency.


Feature by feature, Dana electronic shelf labels are unrivaled

  1. Software developed in-house, featuring Dana industry-leading expertise
  2. Seamless installation and integration into any retail system and store environment
  3. Significantly reduced time and labour costs versus manual price changes
  4. Faster checkout lines due to the virtual elimination of price errors

Dana’s dynamic Digital Smart Labels (hereafter referred to as DSL’s) enable easy and quick price updating from a central location. Our DSL’s are available in different colours, E-paper or LCD screens, and customized sizes.

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