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Shelf Makeover


It’s Time for a Shelf Makeover!

Today, customers are less loyal, more informed and harder to retain than ever before. Delivering a consistent, emotional connection is something that all retailers strive for, but they’re not all hitting the mark with in-store signage. Are you?

For 20 years, Dana Industries has been the leader in shelf signage products and retail packaging solutions and is known for creating product displays that help increase sales, promote brand awareness, and maximize the value of a product’s space on the shelf. Our company is committed to helping retailers create outstanding shelf signing programs.

To prove how outstanding our products and programs are, Dana is pleased to provide qualified retailers and brands with FREE in-store shelf makeovers. Yes, we’re serious. We want you to experience what its like to have the world’s best engineered shelf talkers right in your store.

Contact us today to see if you qualify!