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Green Products

Recyclable Shopping Bags - Green Flag

At Dana, we are committed to doing our part to bring you the best environmentally friendly products available in the world. In our own manufacturing facilities, we make every effort to eliminate unnecessary packaging materials. 100% of our waste cardboard, paper, metal and PVC plastic are recycled weekly. We also make every effort to reduce energy consumption by inspecting our heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems annually. Plus, our executive team drives Hybrid vehicles to further demonstrate our commitment to our environment.

Go Green with Dana

At Dana, we are proud to introduce our Dana non-woven recyclable shopping bag which is an excellent substitute for a plastic bag. The unique features and long lasting benefits of our Dana Recyclable Shopping Bags are:

  • High Quality Recyclable shopping bags and totes
  • A smart, sustainable and eco-friendly alternative
  • Versatile and stylish
  • Lightweight & super strong
  • Non-woven bags contain degradable characteristics and decompose naturally
  • Customized design to suit your needs and budget
  • Customized with your logo and imprint


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