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Gobble ‘Til You Wobble

October 3, 2016

The days are shorter and colder, the leaves are falling, and everywhere you turn there is some sort of pumpkin spiced confectionery. Fall has come into full swing, and that means that Thanksgiving Day is nearly upon us. Any Canadians reading this will soon be preparing themselves to feast on turkey, potatoes, and stuffing. Although these foods are staples at Thanksgiving tables, the harvest season offers a huge variety of fruits, vegetables, and meats. The abundance of the fall harvest means that consumers are out in force, as much of the produce is competitively priced. Pair this with the oncoming holiday long weekend, and retailers will experience an influx of consumers looking to grab last minute seasonal products.

While not as big as American Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving in Canada is still a very consumer-driven holiday. During this time, people are rushing to and from hoping to snag a good deal on turkey, or to pick up an emergency pumpkin pie. For retailers, this means that their products need to stand out amongst the crowd.


Shelf signage is a great way to ensure that your product is visible on the shelves. Guide your customers down the aisle with Dana iQBeacons™. These beacons feature a Bluetooth Low Energy signal that interacts with the customer’s smartphone when in close proximity. This allows retailers to send out special promotional offers or feature sale items. Since harvesting is at it’s peak, produce from local farms can be highlighted with a short, fun video detailing the “story of the grow” from the farm to the supermarket. If a customer is interested in cheese, customize your iQBeacons™ to suggest wine pairings. In addition, you can send out recipes featuring seasonal ingredients.

With that said, we at Dana wish you a fun and happy Thanksgiving!


Organic Week 2016

September 17, 2016

With Canadians becoming more aware of the ingredients in their purchases, consumers are turning towards organic products in an attempt to be more health conscious. Organic products include -among other things- groceries, personal care items, and clothing. Organic products are free from synthetic herbicides and insecticides, which have found to be carcinogenic and harmful to childhood development.

According to the Organic Trade Association, the sale of organic products in the US totaled $43.3 billion in 2015; a growth of 11% from 2014. This trend is predicted to last well into the future, says Natural Society. In addition, consumers have said that they would be willing to pay more for a product if it was organic. Needless to say, the organic product market is booming.


In Canada, Organic Week kicks off on September 17th and lasts until the 25th. This week is the largest yearly celebration of organic products across the nation. For retailers, this is the perfect time to highlight organic products offered in your store. Use shelf talkers featuring an organic logo to enhance the shopping experience and easily advertise organic products from down the aisle.

                   shelf-talker     pre-printed-sign-holder2

Go the extra mile and use wobblers or Dana Dimensionals to include a bit of information about organic products, like nutritional facts or the journey from the farm to the store. No shelf? No problem! Implement Dana Wet Walls in your produce section to call attention to organic fruits and vegetables.

With the organic market showing no signs of slowing down, it is important for retailers to emphasize their commitment to health and wellness. This demonstrates to your customers that your brand is one that can be trusted to offer opportunities to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Contact Dana today to find out how you can highlight organic products in your store!


5 Ways Beer & Wine Companies can Enhance their Displays in Stores

August 29, 2016

It’s been nearly a year since Ontario implemented a province-wide authorization that allows select grocery stores to sell beer. If you’ve been loving the convenience of being able to grab a cold one in the same store as you buy your cheesy pork rinds, then strap yourself in because this fall, wine and cider will also be sold alongside your favourite brews. The introduction of these new recommendations could result in up to 300 grocery stores selling beer, wine, and cider.

However, retailers won’t be able to stock their shelves willy-nilly; there are specific shelf space requirements that will be put in place. For starters, 50% of wine shelf space will be reserved for single-origin wines from small wineries/wine-producing countries. This is meant to ensure fairness between big and small companies.

Beer & Wine1
With all these new potential-products vying for a spot on the shelf, the biggest question for alcohol retailers is: what can we do to make our products stand out amongst the competition? The answer lies in shelf signage. Here are 5 ways that beer and wine companies can enhance their displays in stores.

1. Shelf Talkers

Hot Deals Shelf Talker

Ah, the increasingly-popular shelf talker. Who knew that a simple shelf fixture could be so effective? A shelf talker is a small sign that attaches to the shelf ledge. They immediately catch the attention of shoppers across the aisles. Shelf talkers can be customized with various artworks, and can be manufactured to feature price windows or flags. At Dana, our shelf talkers are produced from clear rigid PVC (or APET), DIF -40 freezer grade material, and feature our patented Integra Bend™ and  RaiserBak Lok™, ensuring that the bend of the shelf talker never loses its integrity or its hold on the data strip.

2. Dana Dimensionals™
Product Shot- Dana Dimensionals™
What’s better than a shelf sign? A 3D shelf sign! That’s right, Dana Dimensionals™ capture the eyes of customers by featuring a 3D visual of your message. This unique combination of a flag and a wobbler enhance the shopping experience as it instantly recognizable on the shelf. Printed with the same material as our shelf talkers, Dana Dimensionals™ are easily customizable.

3. Dana iQBeacons™
Shelf Talker with Beacon1

With technology becoming increasingly integrated into our everyday lives, it only makes sense for retailers to implement signage that features a digital solution. Dana iQBeacons™ pair a shelf talker with a low energy Bluetooth beacon. Dana iQBeacons™ interact with the customer’s smartphone when they are in close proximity, and send a digital message to the customer with or without an app. These messages can feature anything from videos detailing the “story of the grow” (i.e. grapes) to good product accompaniments (i.e. wine and cheese pairings).

4. Pre-printed Sign Holders
Taste of Freshness Pre-Printed Sign Holder

With shelf space becoming a hot commodity, pre-printed sign holders are a way for retailers to maximize their spot in the aisles. They can feature different artworks and come in a variety of sizes. Use pre-printed sign holders to describe the taste of your product, or when it is best enjoyed, etc. Smaller retailers can benefit from this immensely, as they can more effectively communicate their product to new customers.

5. Dana Blinkers
Organic Blinker

What’s that I see? A twinkle from down the aisle? Better go check it out! Draw your customers directly in front of your product with a flashing Blinker! Studies have shown that products placed at eye-level will most often get the most attention, but what’s a retailer to do if their product is placed well below or above that? Blinkers are shelf talkers equipped with a flashing LED, and will draw the eye to other areas of the shelf. Perfect for retailers who want to increase the visibility of their product.

And there you have it, 5 ways beer and wine retailers can easily enhance their store displays. These signage solutions are easily implemented and can increase sales. Contact us today to find out more!


A Gold Medal for Retail

August 22, 2016

After 16 days of medal-madness, the 2016 Rio Olympic Games have come to a close. While the USA dominated the medal count with 121 medals, Canada made out with a cool 22 – our best performance since the 1996 Games. With all the excitement over the athlete’s performances, it’s no wonder that fans have been eager to sport (haha) Olympic merchandise.

Although the negative coverage of the Games cast a spotlight on some of the undesirable aspects of Rio, the sales have been seemingly unaffected. In fact, according to Forbes, the Rio games were incredibly profitable for retailers. With a heavy focus on Olympic-themed apparel, sales have surpassed those seen at the London 2012 Olympics by a whopping 50%.


However, now that the Games are over and the hype is dying down, retailers may be wondering what to do with their leftover merchandise. With the focus already starting to shift to the next Games in Tokyo, no one wants to be left with shelves of product that is quickly losing value. Mercifully, this does not have to be the case. Olympic merchandise carried a hefty price tag at the start of the Games, a bagful of merchandise could easily tip the scales upwards of $200. Now that the Games are over, consumers will be able to snag hot ticket items at a fraction of the price.


With Dana Shelf Talkers, retailers can highlight markdowns in their stores. “Clearance” and “Sale” Shelf Talkers are instrumental in driving the sale of specially-priced product. Because they attach to the shelf ledge, Shelf Talkers can easily be spotted at either end of the aisle. Customize your Shelf Talkers to feature the Olympic rings so that customers will know immediately that Olympic themed merchandise is available.

Contact Dana today to find out how Shelf Talkers can help you “win” in retail!



Back to School

August 16, 2016

Although the weather doesn’t show it, the summer months are coming to a close. You know what that means, folks? Back to school season has officially started! Although not as big as the winter holidays, retailers can still expect to have hordes of consumers scrambling to buy last minute school supplies. According to Deloitte, 87% of parents expect to spend up to $488 for back to school items this year (!!). With kids needing (read: wanting) the latest and greatest in new clothes and stationary, parents have one goal in mind at this time of the year: save money. In order to do this, parents usually keep an eye out for stores that feature back to school sales.

Speaking of which, it seems nowadays that nearly every retailer can participate in the back to school frenzy. With the digital age in full swing, consumers not only prepare for the back to school season with new clothes and lunchboxes, they also purchase a multitude of electronics such as printers, laptops, and tablets. Also, we can’t forget about university and college students! Dorm furniture, microwaves, and heck, even groceries are all on the shopping list at this time of the year.

Back to School

In order to capture as many sales as possible, retailers need to effectively advertise their back to school products. In the chaos of grabbing the essentials, consumers may overlook items that they may still need. This is where the importance of shelf signage comes in to play. By using our customizable shelf talkers, you can easily highlight featured merchandise. Shelf talkers are immediately eye-catching; they stick out from the shelves and our Vulcanized InksTM allow for bright colours and contrast. In addition, our pre-printed sign holders allow for you to shine a spotlight on seasonal deals and items.

With total back to school spending expected to reach $75.8 billion, contact Dana today to find out how you can maximize your sales!


Retail 2.0

August 10, 2016

You’ve ordered a package online, and after waiting a week or two, you eagerly open your purchase only to realize that it’s a size too small. Or it broke during transit. Or it’s a completely different item altogether. The majority of online shoppers can probably relate. While online shopping has increased in popularity over the years, physical retail stores still capture the majority of retail sales. In fact, according to Forbes, most online shoppers will visit a physical store at some point before or after their transaction; even if they’ve decided to buy their product online.

Amazon, the online shopping giant, has recently opened a physical retail store. Having both an online and physical store opens up new options and caters to a multitude of different shoppers. However, simply having aisles of product won’t necessarily bring in the sales you’re looking for. This is because the key to driving up sales is a good customer service experience. In a recent survey, a whopping 86% of customers said that they would pay more for better customer service, while 2 in 5 customers reported not completing a purchase because they were not satisfied with the level of customer service.

                                                                                                                        Dana Industries1

One of the biggest pitfalls of retail is the amount of time it takes to purchase something at a physical store. Incorrect pricing is a major contributor to this. An item that is mislabelled can easily double the amount of time it takes to checkout. The last thing a retailer wants is to lose business because a customer doesn’t want to waste their time tracking down a correct price, or worse, having them walk away from their would-be purchase at the cash register because the product was advertised incorrectly.

Now, any good retailer is always looking for a way to increase sales and keep their customers happy. A happy customer is a returning customer, right? Thankfully, there is a way to do both at the same time, all the while keeping costs down. The key to this is digitization. Specifically, digital signage. With Dana’s Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL’s), retailers can reap the benefits of physical shopping, while at the same time providing immediate and accurate digital pricing. Not only will you cut costs by transitioning from paper to e-paper/LCD screens, but you can also reduce loss from unpriced goods.


With real time price updates, you can easily implement seasonal or promotional pricing throughout your entire store. Not only does this increase customer loyalty with reliable pricing, it also reduces the time and labour spent on manually changing price labels. Better yet, Dana Digital Signage offers retailers the ability to quickly check the amount of stock they have on hand, granting them the ability to answer customer questions on the spot. Dana Electronic Shelf Labels last up to 5 years in between battery changes, and they can be easily customized to feature the store’s logo.

Contact us today to find out more about how digital signage can enhance your customers’ shopping experience.



Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

July 22, 2016

If you haven’t heard of Pokémon Go by now, congratulations on waking up from your coma. But seriously, since its release early July, the new app has taken the digital world by storm. In a marked departure from traditional gaming, the free-to-play app requires players to take to the streets in order to capture and train different Pokémon. Using augmented reality and your smartphone’s GPS, players will see Pokémon pop up on sidewalks, park benches, and even bathroom stalls (ew?).

                   Dana        Dana1

The popularity of this app has to do in part with its wide target audience. The Pokémon franchise has spanned decades, with TV shows and movies to everything in between. Basically, if you grew up anywhere with a TV, you know what Pokémon is. Catering to the both the young and not-so-young, Pokémon Go offers consumers a way to integrate classic themes with modern devices. Because of this, there are hordes of people either eagerly relishing in the nostalgia, or discovering a new-found liking for the game.

One of the highlights of this game is a feature that incorporates local attractions and points of interest. While scanning neighborhoods for rare Pokémon, players can refuel at PokéStops; areas that provide players with items such as health potions and Poké Balls. These PokéStops are most often landmarks such as parks, schools, and historic buildings. Due to the sheer number of players, these sites are seeing a huge increase in foot traffic.

According to Advertising Age, retailers are eager to get in on this craze by incorporating Pokémon-themed ads into their marketing campaigns. Having a PokéStop nearby means a surge in potential customers combing the area outside storefronts.


Whether you’re rolling your eyes at this new fad, or happily embracing it, there’s no denying that smartphone technology is the way of the future. It’s not an understatement to say that there is an app for nearly everything these days. In order to stay ahead of the competition and keep up with the ever changing face of retail, incorporating digital marketing is darn-near essential, and Dana iQBeacons™ are a perfect way to enhance your customers’ experiences in your stores.

Like a PokéStop, when a customer is in close proximity to a Dana iQBeacon™, the Beacon will send out a Bluetooth Low Energy signal to the customer’s smartphone. These signals can be customized to deliver special promotional offers, videos, stories of the grow, feature sale items, and more. Pair Dana iQBeacons™ with your mobile app to offer an interactive shopping experience at your store. No app? No problem! We could provide you with a fully customizable white label app.  New developments have also surfaced with physical web beacons which do not require an app.

Shelf Talker with Beacon1

Make shopping fun by incorporating recipe ideas into your Dana iQBeacons™, triggered when a customer walks near the radius of a key product. You can also hold in-store contests, or highlight local produce by sending out a video detailing the growing process. The possibilities are numerous and with smartphones playing a vital role in the future of retail marketing, Dana iQBeacons™ can help give you a competitive edge.

Contact us today to find out more!



Viva, Canada!

July 15, 2016

Did you feel a little left out during this Euro Cup? Maybe you weren’t particularly fond of soccer, or maybe you didn’t have a European team you wanted to cheer for. Fret no more; the summer Olympics are nearly here! In just a few short weeks, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will play host to a multitude of different countries, all of them vying for the top spots in different sporting events. With 8,000+ athletes competing in over 300 events, you’d be hard pressed to NOT find someone to cheer for.

Because the Olympics are such a huge event, you better believe that there will be truckloads of consumers ready to buy Olympic merchandise. I mean, who doesn’t want a giant Canadian foam finger? Canadian-themed beer hats? Anyone? With fans clamouring to buy country-specific products, retailers would be crazy not to capitalize on this event. According to Steve Burke of NBCUniversal, this year’s Olympics will be “the most profitable Olympics in history”, we’re talking BILLIONS here, people!


Wondering how you can get a piece of the profit-pie? Wonder no longer, because Dana has your answer. Why not make your shelves pop with our Dana Dimensionals™? Customize them to feature different country flags, or highlight Canadian-made products. People can’t buy what they can’t see, and Dana Dimensionals™ offer a 3D advertising experience as they display your message from every dimension.

Product Shot- Dana Dimensionals™

Also, why not roll out some Olympic themed merchandise? Order some of our promotional items and get a leg up on the competition! Cater to the masses with an assortment of country flag towels to take to the beach. Why not offer up a few lip balms or sunglasses, too? It IS summer, after all! Pair these products with some custom shelf talkers for a sure-fire way to grab the attention of customers.

No matter who comes out on top, Dana Industries hopes you have a fun and profitable Olympic season!


Summer Spending

June 28, 2016

The days are longer, the weather is warm, and everyone is joyfully packing up their winter boots. This can only mean one thing…the start of summer!

With everyone wanting to enjoy the sun, it’s no wonder that there are so many holidays and festivals during this time. Canada Day, the 4th of July, music festivals, and backyard BBQ’s are just a few of the occasions that consumers will invariably be preparing for.
Pic for Blog
For retailers, this means the start of the summer sale period. Making the most of this period is essential to ensuring that you hit your sales targets for the season. Retail signage is key to attracting attention towards seasonal products. According to the Interac Association, Canadians spend more money during the summer months than any other time of the year.

Whether you need to advertise big ticket items, or simply highlight summer essentials, Dana’s pre-printed sign holders and shelf talkers are like a spotlight on deals and special merchandise. But why stop there? Dana Wet Walls™ will take your advertising to the great outdoors. Specially designed to withstand the elements, Dana Wet Walls™ will take your outdoor displays to the next level.

Dana Wet Walls™

Dana Wet Walls™

Give Dana Industries a call today to learn how we can help maximize your profits this summer season!



Valentine’s Day in Retail

February 1, 2016

The rose is red, the violet’s blue,

The honey’s sweet, and so are you.
Thou art my love and I am thine;
I drew thee to my Valentine:
The lot was cast and then I drew,

And Fortune said it shou’d be you.


May be a little nippy outside but love is in the air.  All it takes is a small prick from Cupid’s arrow to ignite the sparks that will entangle you in a maze of Valentine’s Day cards, flowers, candies, and stuffed teddy bears.  There is a need to make it the most romantic and memorable time of your relationship.

Total spending this Valentine’s Day is expected to reach $18.9 billion, a survey high, according to the National Retail Federation’s Valentine’s Day Consumer Spending Survey, conducted by Prosper Insights and Analytics.

According to a poll of 6,375 consumers conducted from January 6 to 13, the average shopper will spend $142.31 this year — up from $133.91 in 2014 — on candy, flowers, apparel and more. Those gift choices are not surprising.

Retailers relish in this knowledge, as it’s the next best thing to Christmas!

Understanding the differences in shopping trends and habits between men and women play a big part on retailers ability to maximize their profits.

Men and women shop very differently.  Usually two weeks prior to Valentine’s Day, the woman will already have her gift picked out, wrapped and await with anticipation.  On the other hand, men will wait until the last moment of the day to run and buy the last dozen roses from any store with stock, even if it means paying $60.00 for a dozen roses when the same dozen was $20.00 the week prior.  They search for any heart items from chocolate boxes, cards and jewelry in order for his special lady to feel loved, desired and not left out.

VDay_chart_Feb1-12_large            VDay_chart_Feb13-14_large

No wonder so many types of retailers are trying to penetrate and grab just a little piece of the pie from this internationally celebrated day.  Retailers will move things around in order to create more and better exposed space for their Valentine’s Day merchandise, invest in extra funds for decorations, signage, and balloons.  Anything to capture the attention of that potential shopper.

With today’s new and innovative ideas, retailers can now catch your eye with special signage equipped with blinkers, signage that speaks to you and even send you special coupons on apps on your phone to enhance your experience.  These new ideas are now catching up with technology to bring shopping to new heights.

We at Dana Industries Inc., love to catch your eye with a simple wink from our Dana Blinkers, or flag you down with our best engineered shelf talkers, and our newly introduced product, Dana Dimensionals™, which will pave your way through any retail store to that special gift.  We pride ourselves to being your one stop shop for all of your shelf signing needs.

With that said, we wish you a great and lovable Valentine’s Day and hope you find that diamond in the rough for your sweetheart.

 Valentine's Day 1






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