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3 Simple Ways Retail Technology Can Grow Your Business

January 24, 2018

In today’s world, technology is a huge part of everyday life. For many of us, going a single day without our smartphones is impossible. In fact, according to media analytics company eMarketer, Americans spend over 4 hours(!) a day on their smartphones. That’s a whole lotta screen time!

The retail industry is one of the main driving forces behind new technological innovations. The face of retail now is a far cry from what our grandparents remember it to be. From drones to artificial intelligence, and everything in between, it’s safe to say that the shopping experience is forever evolving.

For many retailers, integrating technology into their businesses is a surefire way to engage with their customers and in doing so, increase their sales. Taking the leap into the world of retail technology may seem daunting, so here are 3 simple ways that retailers can easily integrate technology into their stores.

1. Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic Shelf Labels, or ESLs, are small digital labels that attach directly to the shelf ledge. With Dana’s easy-to-use software, you can enable immediate price updating from a central location. Not only does this save time and labour, but it also improves customer loyalty through reliable pricing. Not only are they energy efficient, they are produced with the highest quality e-paper displays to ensure your messaging is communicated effectively.

2. Tablets

In-store POS tablets are another easy way to integrate technology into stores. Our tablets can be pre-programmed with content of your choosing. They increase interactivity with customers and allow customers to understand your product at their own speed. In our Interactive Series, we have a variety of tablet styles available, including touch, barcode, button, lift, and advertising displayer. All of our tablets come with programmable software which is easy to set-up and learn.

3. Shelf Video Strips

Available from 4 up to 12 screens, our shelf video strips meet the consumer’s eye where and when they seek information. The shelf video strips can be placed vertically or horizontally. It is a fully-embedded, centrally-managed shelf-edge digital display. It requires no external devices, only a 12V DC power cord that easily stretches to mount your display at long distances from a power source.

If you’re ready to take your in-store shopping experience to the next level, contact us today to find out how we can help you seamlessly integrate the latest in retail technologies.

Out With the Old and In With the New

January 8, 2018

Now that the holiday festivities are over, it’s time to look ahead and set ourselves up for success in the coming months. Time and time again, people use the start of the New Year as a “starting line” for goals that they have set for themselves. These goals differ from person to person, but one of the most popular themes is self-improvement. Whether it’s eating healthier, exercising more, or going to bed earlier, people want to develop habits that will help them makeover their lives.

Now, individuals aren’t the only demographic when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Retailers set goals too! And Dana Industries’ products are intended to help retailers achieve their goals. Our signage is specifically designed to grow sales, increase customer traffic, and save on labour costs. Here are a few ways that stores can set themselves up for success in the New Year.

  • Shelf signage: What better way to flag items than with shelf signage? They immediately alert and attract attention to the items on the shelf. Choose from our fully customizable shelf talkers, pre-printed sign holders, wobblers and dangers, and Dana DimensionalsTM

  • Digital signage: Take your store to the next level with our digital signage! Available with LCD or e-paper screens, you can update pricing in real time and ensure price accuracy. With batteries that last 5 years, there’s no need to worry about replacing shelf labels.

  • Large format signage: Did you know that Dana now manufactures large format signage? If you need overhead signs, banners, or blades, Dana Industries has you covered.

If 2018 is the year that you want to achieve your retail goals, contact us today to find out how we can help you!



Ho-Ho-Hold On For Great Savings

December 4, 2017

Ah, Christmas. Whether you celebrate or not, you can’t deny that all the holiday festivities can cheer up even the “grinch-iest” of people! Everyone is in a better mood this time of year. No, really; it’s scientifically proven! According to researchers from the McKeown Institute, Christmas decorations make people happy, and putting them up early makes them even happier. It’ not hard to see why. For many of us, Christmas is a time to relax with friends and family.

You know what’s not relaxing? Christmas shopping. With the big day fast approaching, store aisles are full of customers checking things off their Christmas lists. If you’re a retailer, you know that things can get pretty hectic. All your employees are working their hardest, yet signage still ends up knocked to the floor, products end up unlabeled, and checkout lines are seemingly never ending.

The last thing retailers want to do is make the Christmas shopping season even more stressful.  While it would be great to have a salesperson assisting every customer in your store, it’s near impossible (and honestly, things would get pretty crowded). The next best thing? Shelf talkers! Dana Industries manufactures the World’s Best Engineered Shelf TalkerTM, which acts like a silent salesperson in the aisles.

Our shelf talkers are engineered to lock into your data strip, meaning that they’ll stay put no matter how many times someone accidentally bumps into them. Have you got a special holiday promotion? Immediately flag your product on the shelf with a shelf talker. If a stress free customer experience is something that you want to ensure, contact Dana today for more information!


Something Spooky This Way Comes

October 25, 2017

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! We’re not talking about the yellow brick road, folks. We’re talking about Halloween! In just a few short days, kids dressed in every costume imaginable will be scampering around neighbourhoods all over the country. And of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween without candy! At this time of the year, households buy lots of little treats to give out to the children that go trick-or-treating. But the shopping doesn’t stop there; costumes, decorations, and party supplies are just a few of the things that customers are looking for as well.

As with any kind of seasonal merchandise, retailers have a small window in which they are able sell it. No one’s going to be buying inflatable pumpkins at Christmas, right? Because of this, it is incredibly important to advertise your seasonal merchandise in-store. And the best way to advertise in-store? Shelf signage!

Get your aisles Halloween ready with Halloween themed signage. Have you got a frightfully good deal? Point it out with a spooky shelf talker! Our shelf talkers can be produced in a variety of shapes – bats, pumpkins, witch hats, you name it. And because our shelf talkers are built to last, you can re-use them year after year and they won’t lose their shape.

If Halloween is wrapping up and you’ve still got loads of fun size candy bars – send them our way. Just kidding! Flag them with some clearance signage! A pre-printed sign holder or shelf talker with a “sale” or “clearance” message is a guaranteed way to draw customers to the products that you want highlighted.

If you’ve got seasonal merchandise that is just waiting to be flagged, call Dana today to find out how we can help!


Will That Be One Scoop or Two?

October 17, 2017

While the weather outside grows increasingly colder, people only have warm memories about their favourite summertime treat, ice cream. Most adults can fondly remember running after the neighbourhood ice cream truck – wasn’t that half the fun, anyway? But the love of ice cream doesn’t stop when kids grow up. It’s true that ice cream is a timeless dessert, enjoyed by the young and old alike. We’re all familiar with the classic ice cream flavours, (vanilla, chocolate, etc.) but consumer research is showing that our tastes are getting quite a bit more refined.

What do foie gras, blue cheese, and tequila have in common? You guessed it, they’re all ice cream flavours! While some of you can’t imagine trying a meat-flavoured ice cream, research shows that a significant portion of adults are willing to branch out and try non-traditional flavours. At the forefront of this research is the millennial consumer, with 49% of those surveyed stating that they would like to delve into uncommon varieties.

If ice cream retailers want to keep up with this frosty trend, it is important to advertise your products to the consumer. Let’s face it, if there’s a crème brulee ice cream being sold, most of us would want to know about it, right? A great way to do this is with a shelf talker. Here at Dana, our shelf talkers are made from clear rigid PVC, DIF -40 Freezer Grade material. This means that our shelf talkers won’t crack or lose their integrity when placed inside store freezers. Along with that, they are also printed with Vulcanized Inks™ to ensure that your message is vibrant and can be seen through the freezer glass.

If you’ve got a tried and true flavor like vanilla (aka the world’s most popular flavor), why not advertise that as well? Research shows that while mature consumers are more likely to stick with their old favourites when it comes to flavor, they are also more likely to opt for higher quality and natural versions of those. A shelf talker that advertises 100% local milk or old-fashioned production methods goes a long way with the 55+ crowd.

If you want to make your ice cream stand out from the rest, contact Dana today to find out how we can help!


Good Food, Great Price

October 4, 2017

Ah, Thanksgiving. Can you think of one reason why it ISN’T one of the greatest holidays? Food, family, friends, and did I mention food? Any holiday that revolves around eating plate after plate of deliciousness is alright in our books! Fittingly, Canadians eat a whole lot of turkey at this time. In 2010, 145.5 million kg of turkey was consumed at Thanksgiving. That works out to be 4kg per person in Canada!

Leading up to Thanksgiving, retailers advertise in full force. Even though the turkey is the star of the show, consumers have to shop for all the fixings as well; side dishes, wine, and desserts. With so much spending potential, stores want to ensure that customers do as much shopping as possible in their aisles.

One of the best ways to communicate with customers is through shelf signage. While everyone is running around getting last minute ingredients, the last thing your customers need is the added frustration of tracking down specials. If you’ve got a sale on, advertise it easily and effectively with a shelf talker. Because they attach directly to the shelf and stick out, shelf talkers immediately highlight products that would otherwise blend in.

Shelf talkers are re-usable, enhance the customer’s experience, communicate your message, and reduce the cost of labour in your stores. Can you think of a downside? Because we sure can’t! If you want to learn more about how shelf signage can increase your sales and decrease your costs, contact us today!


To Buy or Not to Buy

September 27, 2017

Grocery shopping. Some love it, some hate it, but for the majority of us, it is a necessary part of our lives. If you’re a planner, chances are that you’ve already browsed the weekly specials and have a list ready to take with you to the store. But did you know that 70% of grocery purchasing decisions are made in-store?

This means that the way the products are set up and advertised in-store is the main driving factor that influences sales. Let’s take a classic example; potato chips. Research proves that people that buy salty snacks will immediately think of something to wash it down with, and for this reason, stores place the soft drinks right next to them.

If your customers are shopping for cheese, a trendy sign that promotes a cracker pairing is a great way for retailers to cross-category merchandise. Have you got a sale on organic oatmeal? Place a sign nearby that advertises local berries –  a great topping!

If you want to engage your customers and keep up with the latest shopping trends, Dana Industries can help you out. Our pre-printed sign holders are the perfect way to advertise your message. We print on sturdy PVC with our Vulcanized Inks™ which allows colours to pop and ensure that you grab your customer’s attention.

Contact Dana today for more information!


Wake Up and Shake Up Your Mornings

September 21, 2017

What’s your favourite breakfast food? Something sweet and crunchy? Or maybe you’re more of a bacon and eggs type? If you’re a millennial, chances are your breakfast preferences are decidedly different from tradition. This is because young adults are placing more emphasis on health and convenience than older generations.

Sugary cereals are proving to be less and less popular. As are breakfasts that take time to prepare. Instead, millennial shoppers are opting for grab-n-go options like Greek yogurt cups or breakfast bars. Because of an emphasis on health, high-protein low-sugar products are becoming the breakfast of choice for younger shoppers. As new breakfast options are introduced into stores, shelf space becomes valuable real estate.

If you’re a retailer, you know the value of having a product that stands out. With seemingly unlimited choices in the store, how do you make sure that YOUR product ends up in the shopping basket? With a shelf talker, of course! If convenience is the name of the game, what could be more convenient than highlighting your product for fast and effective results?

Is your product packed with protein? Let it be known with a shelf talker! Is your cereal bar made with whole grains? No added sugar?  Our customizable shelf talkers will suit your every need. If you want to make your product stand out on the shelf, contact Dana today to find out how we can help you.


More Bang for Your Buck

August 16, 2017

If you’re like most people, you love getting free stuff. Samples and promotional items seem to attract people in a way a sale item cannot. Now, it isn’t exactly feasible for every company to start giving away products for free. In this case, the next best thing is to implement a value-add program. A value-add program lets you give your customers a little “somethin’ extra” when they purchase a featured product.

Let’s take the example of rum. Lots of people love to mix their drinks, and one of the most popular ways to mix rum is with coke. For a rum retailer, it would be wise to attach a small can of coke to their bottles. This “freebie” gives your customer more of an incentive to buy your product.

At Dana, we specialize in creating packaging that allows retailers to add on a variety of different products. We offer custom clear folding boxes, printed boxes that can feature your logo, thermoforming, and blister packs. Contact us today to find our more!

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