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Grocery Trends 2018: Honest Products

April 11, 2018

As with every industry, grocery is trying to adapt to the lifestyles of millennials. As millennials’ buying power increases, so too does their power to disrupt traditional norms and buying habits in the retail world. One of the biggest trends has been the shift towards ethical, sustainable products.

Millennials place a great deal of importance on corporate social responsibility – and make that known to companies with how they spend their dollars. In order to gain the trust of their customers, companies need to be open and honest about what goes into their products.

Younger shoppers inspect labels with greater scrutiny than any other generation. Food monitoring apps such as FoodKeeper and SmartLabel allow users to look up a wealth of data about a product at the shelf.

A few of the things that shoppers are looking for when they purchase products are:

– limited ingredient lists
– limited/zero artificial ingredients
– ethically sourced
– responsibly produced

As it stands now, there are no signs of this trend slowing down. So, how can retailers adapt to this growing market? This is where Dana Industries shines. Our custom made signage is perfect for retailers looking to highlight their product’s features in-store.

Have you got an organic section? Let it be known with a large format sign! Is your product locally grown? All natural? Say it with a shelf talker! Not only will you be making your customers’ shopping experience stress-free and enjoyable, you will also be showcasing your commitment to corporate honesty.

Contact Dana today to find out more about how we can help you develop a signage program in your store.

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