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iQVirtual Stores™


What is a Dana iQVirtual Store™?

  • A shopping wall with QR codes in a high traffic area in the GTA, Ontario and Canada.
  • Customers shop using their smartphones by scanning QR codes next to the product image they’d like to purchase. Their purchase will then be delivered at home, or picked up in-store (depending how the retailer sets this up).
  • Ideal for retailers that offer home delivery and/or store pickup.
  • Retailers will embed the Dana QR reader within their app
  • See real-time stats based on time and location.

Benefits of the Dana iQVirtual Store™

  • Showcase your product
  • Brand exposure
  • Increase app downloads and traffic
  • Convenient for on-the-go consumers to purchase items via their smartphones.
  • Multi-tasking: Ideal for busy schedules. While waiting at the arena for hockey games/practice to be over, a customer can get their shopping done.
  • Helps save real time

With iQVirtual Stores™, retailers can increase the number of stores with very minimal cost. No need to worry about costs such as property leases, stocking shelves or hiring employees. iQVirtual Stores™ allows retailers to tackle neighbourhoods it has not delved into yet. The opportunities are endless.

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