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Dana’s Healthy Living Collection


There are many customers that come into your stores each and every day looking for products that fit their lifestyle diets. Segregating products or integrating them in your aisles and calling them out with our Shelf Talkers will add to the shopping experience. 

Flag lifestyle diets using Dana’s Healthy Living Collection Shelf Talkers to let shoppers know which products fit their individual preferences. With our Shelf Talkers, these products will become easy to locate in-store (consumer convenience). All seven titles are available in stock.  However, we can also customize this program to fit your stores’ branding. 

This is a very important customer base that comes in specifically looking for items that fit their lifestyle diets. It is very important to cater to this segment, or they will take their loyalty to a retailer who cares more for their customers’ health and needs. 

All seven titles are available in stock.

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