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Dana iQBeacons™

Our Dana iQBeacons™ consist of a beacon attached to a shelf talker. Shelf talkers capture the customer’s attention down the aisle, and the beacon sends a signal to the customer’s phone when in close proximity. This is a perfect offline and online integration.

Dana iQBeacons™ are story & content based. Our offering is an end-to-end solution, as we supply the hardware, software, and a white label app (or if retailer/brand already has an app, we work with your team to integrate our technology into your app). 

Shelf Talker with Beacon1


▪ Silent salesperson- it’s like a tap on the shoulder.
▪ Elevate your customers’ experience.
▪ Increase your sales, and potential revenue generation through CPG slotting.
▪ Increase brand awareness (highlight specials).
▪ Increase app downloads.
▪ Increase customer loyalty.
▪ Flag items on your shelves which attract the customer down the aisle. Once in close proximity, the Dana Beacon sends a signal to your customer’s phone. Two opportunities to capture your customers’ attention.



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