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Company History

Dana Industries Inc. was incorporated in August of 1993 as John Ricci and Frank Borges opened an office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Partners John and Frank first met working in sales functions in 1984. Their sales and customer service experience enabled both John and Frank to become privy to the needs and demands of their clientele first hand.  After years of success as employees, they had discovered a niche market that sparked an entrepreneurial idea. Sustainable custom shelf signage and clear packaging became their main focus. They immediately set out to research and establish a manufacturing solution that would accommodate custom packaging and signage of the highest quality and competitive price.  This was the start of a local company that was destined to have global success.

Dana grew organically as new orders came pouring in, and grew through acquisitions of Progress Smelting, Clearview Packaging, and Sun Moon Printing. The Dana Shelf TalkerTM is renowned over the globe which has spawned the growth in the North American, Asian, European, and South American markets. With high demand for our products, it has created opportunities to open facilities in Singapore, China, Germany, United States and other locations in Canada. We believe what sticks out, stands out—and that is exactly what The Dana Shelf Talker™ does.  Dana Industries prides itself to be the first to market new concepts and ideas. With our patented heat bending processes, expertise in die-cutting, and our Vulcanized Inks™, Dana has become the Home of the World’s Best Engineered Shelf TalkersTM.  There is no lack of innovation at Dana- from reinventing our Shelf Talker, to our one-of-a-kind Dana BlinkerTM, and a vast line of data strips, Dana Industries is the best in its industry.

As Dana Industries heads into the next fiscal year, our passion, innovation, dedication, responsiveness and results-driven attitude has paved the way for years to come. Dana’s attention to detail, exceptional customer service, and the understanding of what it takes to offer a greater in-store customer shopping experience is what differentiates us in the industry. It is our passion that has led us to where we are today. We will continue to help retailers drive customers down their aisles and tell an even better story at every 4-foot section of their shelves that will captivate, educate, rejuvenate, and motivate customers to look, learn and buy. We have grown to be a one-stop shop for all shelf signage needs.

Cheers to the years to come!

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